Photo by @juniperhillmedia


I'm a dreamer by far. I've always been the black sheep. I've never been able to follow blindly. I always ask questions. I want to know how and why. I'm a creative. And photography is my expression. When I look through my lens, I don't just see a smiling couple. I see the way your necklace hangs from your collar. I see the way your partner caresses your hand in between shots. I see all of the little details that tell a story. My style of photography is photojournalistic. I don't just snap the posed "smile and wave" shots. We will ugly laugh together. We will dance to your favorite album on full blast. This is the story of you and yours. Let's make it unique to you.

Photos by Skylar Jo Photography

A Little More...

My Style

Photojournalistic |
The process of telling a story using the medium of photography to capture the visual representation of a point in time. I capture the seemingly forgotten details to paint a picture. My photos are true to color. I want to see the raw emotion, the deep blue ocean water, and the cotton candy sunset. I have a passion for a perfectly placed black & grey. I believe black & grey shouldn't be meaninglessly placed. It should give a feel of timelessness and romance.

Your Expectations

Connection |
Each of my clients has access to me by my personal means of communication. I work extremely hard to provide seamless communication, and a genuine experience. My relationship with my clients does not end after our contract has come to an end. I generally keep good connections with past clients. I'm here for your wins even after our terms have been carried out. I'm an emotional being. I absolutely will cry at your wedding, without a doubt.

Our Community

I am a proud ally to all of my alphabet mafia royalty. This is a safe space for you and your partner and I would be more than honored to capture the love between you.